Astrology has been long a topic of debate - at least for past many centuries. I believe the rise of European ways of science has raised a breeding group of 'pseudo intellectuals'. The European way of science the way I have been taught sails high on logic and any phenomenon it can not explain, it discards(for a long time at least). If they come across definitive observations but are not able to explain the logic behind them, something called fuzzy logic is generated.

I hadn't had any food since lunch the day before. Took 3 bananas and ate. There was only one ready to board bus to Gaurikund. But seats in the bus were warning me to cancel the plan further. Its legroom was so tight that it wasn't possible, at least for me, to sit there for 10 hours. No surprises, there were other passengers complaining for the same. Then started a new drama of seat allocation. No less than six people were allocating seats in the bus on the basis of legroom one required. I have never seen such a criteria for seating plan.

I asked the conductor approximate time it would take to reach Rishikesh. I got the answer from the man sitting beside me.

It had been 10 years since I waited eagerly for my birthday. The importance of event, its enthusiasm, its celebration had become a question for me. It is surely an event but if anyone asks me, its an event only for my parents, dadaji or a few close relatives. After my 14th birthday, I have never felt the excitement for 20 May. Neither anyone made it special for me nor it occurred special to me.

A very common phrase you'll get to listen everytime you visit an astrolger is "You should stop eating non-veg food." But does it matter? If yes then how?

Some people say that kind of music we hear, impacts us. Choice of music closely depends on the mood we are in. Just like mood selects the music, sometimes music generates the mood.

Last few months have seen a series of popular songs. These songs were played everywhere, from auto & buses to hair-dresser & dhabas to restaurants and so on. This created an environment or better word to use here is 'mood' that eventually led to the success of 'Kolaveri'.

Here is one of the reasons of how and why 'soup' boys are going crazy over the song...


During my trip to Ladakh, one morning we halted for breakfast at Lukung. We had home stayed at Spangmik and decided to take our meal at Lukung in the morning which was the next station in our journey back to Leh. Both these stations are situated at the banks of Pangong lake, the second largest salt lake of Asia, 16 km of which lies in India while 22 km belongs to China after the 1962 Indo-China war.

I sat in the driver's cabin as 'member of staff' while the travel agents tried to calm the passengers. There were three travel agents whom I believe had started 'own business' only for sake of it or family pressure. They weren't professionals even in their mindsets. One of them was busy showing off in front of each foreigner women by turn. They had distributed tickets without any management and it had created chaos. They sold 43 tickets for available 39 seats.