My name is Arijit Dutta. Born on 20.5.1987 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Did my schooling at Chalet day Shimla, MVM, TJHS and GHS-Bhutan, St. Luke's and DAV College Chandigarh. Completed my Bachelors in Technology from Himachal Pradesh University in Information Technology. Currently working as a Drupal Developer.

I am just another yatri(Hindi word for traveler) as anyone else. Traveling time while coming across varied places, people, self and collecting realizations along the journey. All these years I have learnt what I was taught, things that were necessary, things I was curious about and a few lessons to sustain in the society. Apart from the teachings I have developed lots of deductions. This blog is just a naive approach to present my experiences, perceptions and prejudices.
I do have some adjectives to describe 'myself' but then people have their own. I have actually heard people describe me as intelligent, duffer, good, bad, photographer, developer, actor, astrologer, driver, adventurer, philosopher, sad case, useless, promising, motivator, demotivator, intellectual, wannabe, diplomat, stupid, innocent, cunning, introvert , extrovert, kiddish, mature, emotionally weak, emotionally stable, stubborn, mad and so on...quite parodoxical at places. I have a perception about myself while others have theirs and I invite you to have your own.